Defend Free Speech, "Minister gives baffling array of definitions for extremism", DefendFreeSpeech YouTube channel (13 July 2016)

As TMR listeners will know, I, along with many others, have been waiting for an intelligible definition of "non-violent extremism" for quite some time by now. Theresa May, as Home Secretary (now, worryingly Prime Minister), seemed unable to provide any sensible answers last year, so now, perhaps, after all that extra time, someone from the Home Office can give some long-awaited clarity. (After all, we wouldn't want to get the impression that the government wants to brand pretty much anyone they dislike as an "extremist", would we?)

See what you think. Here's what Defend Free Speech thinks:

"Karen Bradley MP, a Home Office minister, left the Joint Committee on Human Rights in the dark about Government efforts to crack down on extremism, after she failed to provide clarity on various issues, including the Government’s definition of extremism. Bradley appeared before the Committee on 29 June."—


 UK Minister gives baffling array of definitions for extremism


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