"Uppdrag Granskning : Episode 13 (with English subtitles)", (18 January 2016)


Swedish documentary (with English subtitles) about Livets Ord ("Word of Life"), a "Word of Faith" church in Sweden. The documentary questions the financial management of the church, and investigates its former leader and founder Ulf Ekman, who—before his move to Catholicismwas a "prosperity theology" preacher. But just who was getting prosperous? Anyone who has heard our interview with fraud investigator Ole Anthony ("Fleecing the Flock") will find this no surprise, but sad nonetheless.

This is well worth a watch, but you'll have to be quick because I think the on-demand platform only has it available for another week. (I don't read Swedish, so I can't be sure of that, but that's what it looks like to me!)

Thanks, Mark, for the link.


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