John Massaria, "9-11 Memorial Museum Officals Accept "Truther Art" Into Permanent Collection", John Massaria YouTube channel (14 November 2014)

Please check out this documentary teaser by film-maker John Massaria. The video documents visual artist and 9/11 Truth activist Anthony Freda bravely presenting his artwork "Questions" to the curators of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and samples the conversation that took place before the work was officially accepted into the collection.

This video is part of a projected documentary film project entitled "Behind Truth Art", about which John Massaria writes:

"We already filmed interviews with people like: NSA whistleblower William Binney, LEE CAMP... Lionel's The attorney, Gerald Celente, Richard Grove, Gigi Bowm and Kristen Meghan, Robert P. Murphy, Peter Kuper, Adam Kokesh... along with like six others... my work has only started in the editing process..."

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  9-11 Memorial Museum Officals Accept "Truther Art" Into Permanent Collection

Image captured from the video.

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