Defend Free Speech, "Don't Let David Cameron Turn You Into An Extremist", DefendFreeSpeech.org.uk


If you're in the UK, please support the Defend Free Speech Campaign (http://defendfreespeech.org.uk/) which has been set up recently by the Christian Institute and The National Secular Society, who are working together to defend our right to freedom of speech in this country. Please join their campaign (as I have done) and write to your MP expressing your concern about the proposed EDOs (as I have done). Parliamentary democracy doesn't work well for the people, but it exists and we can make use of it, such as it is. If enough of us tell our MPs that we are deeply concerned, especially by the nebulous term "non-violent extremism", we may be able to wake up our somnambulant MPs to the danger this presents.

The following is taken from the Defend Free Speech website:

"The Government plans to introduce sweeping new powers called Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) to combat individuals and organisations it deems to be ‘extreme’. Who are ‘extremists’? Terrorists? Of course. But what about political activists? Religious groups? Anti-religious groups? Trade unionists? Environmental campaigners? Are they ‘extremists’? They could be under the Government’s vague proposals. These plans have such a low threshold that they risk catching all kinds of legitimate speech."

Please consider joining the campaign, take their "extremism quiz" to see if an EDO might apply to you (!), share their website, and write to your MP to express your concern. (The website helps you to do that easily.) This is an extremely important issue. We cannot just sit back and let this happen.

Best regards, Julian.

 Simon Calvert, Campaign Director for Defend Free Speech
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