Mark Crispin Miller, "Evaluating the Consequences of the Post-9/11 Era : Redirecting Our Future", johnmiglietta Youtube channel (02 June2015)

The social engineering of populations through the psychological meme "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist" has been the subject of a number of programmes at TMR over the past couple of years (here, here and here), and it continues to be a matter of great concern to me. As more and more moves are made by the political elite to associate with terrorism anyone who questions official narratives about events such as 9/11, or a whole host of other examples of State Crimes Against Democracy, the more important it becomes for people to call this engineering out for what it really is: tyranny.

(I don't say this for the majority of readers, but just for the few who might misunderstand: I include this video, not because I endorse Dr. Miller's political views in general, but because I think he makes some very important points in this talk.)


 Evaluating the Consequences of the Post-9/11 Era : Redirecting Our Future
Image captured from the presentation.

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