Patrick M. Wood, "How to stop a bad vote : Senate deals stinging defeat to Obama trade agenda", (13 May 2015)

Good news (for a change)! Patrick Wood reports that the US Senate has blocked Obama's attempt to get Fast Track legislation in place for trade deals like TPP and TTIP, drawing attention to this headline: "Senate deals stinging defeat to Obama trade agenda".

"The Senate's vote effectively blocked further consideration of so-called Fast Track legislation that would pave the way for TPP/TTIP to be passed under special rules that would virtually guarantee passage. Normally, any trade agreement requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate, after extensive debate and potential amending. Fast Track drops the vote requirement to a simple majority, limits debate to only 20 hours and forbids amendments. Many correctly view this as a power grab by the President and a abdication of Constitutional authority and responsibility by the Senate." (Wood)

Image source: "Dallas Rolling Rebellion Advocates for Net Neutrality and Takes on TPP & Fast Track" by Backbone Campaign on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); cropped, resized, aspect ratio changed

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