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PLEASE—if you are in the UK (or even if you're not!)—please consider supporting the crowd-funder for Big Brother Watch to enable them to continue campaigning against COVID passes. Big Brother Watch is an influential campaign organisation in the UK that is committed to civil liberties and citizen privacy.

"Divisive. Discriminatory. Wrong. We need YOU to join the fight against COVID passes."—Big Brother Watch

"We are crowdfunding to grow the greatest possible fight against domestic COVID passes - including a legal challenge as soon as necessary.
We need you!

Your donations will build the biggest possible campaign to prevent domestic COVID passes. We have recruited an expert team of human rights lawyers. If COVID passes do go ahead, we will seek to use these funds to bring a legal challenge to stop COVID passes in Britain."—Big Brother Watch

Please also read their report setting out the many reasons why COVID passes are such a bad and dangerous idea. (PDF via this page:

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