Infowars staff: "Dr. Stanley Monteith, Host of Radio Liberty, Passes Away at 85", PrisonPlanet.com (29 September 2014)


It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that I pass on the news that our friend and brother in Christ, Dr. Stanley Monteith, passed away yesterday morning: sad for his family, friends and the many loyal listeners to his Radio Liberty broadcasts; joyful in the knowledge that he rests in the presence of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our prayers are for his family and close friends at this time.

“Well, this is Dr. Stan here at Radio Liberty, coming to you from the hills overlooking beautiful and picturesque Monterey Bay, and bringing you the news behind the news, the story behind the story; hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and that illusion is usually king. But in the battle for survival for Western civilization it’s going to be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.”


It was my great privilege to have interviewed Dr. Stan a number of times, but I feel especially honoured to have been able to speak with him very recently about his life and work. At the time he was undergoing chemotherapy, and the interview had had to be postponed once due to his feeling too unwell to join us. But he was determined to come on, insisting "I would love to do the program", just as he remained determined to continue his ministry at Radio Liberty, alerting people to "the news behind the news; the story behind the story" and pointing them towards Jesus as the only sure hope for any of us. I can do no better than to repeat the words with which he ended our conversation:

"All we can do is try to let people understand we're involved in a spiritual battle that's being fought on a political, ideological and cultural battlefield; but it is a spiritual battle for the souls of men and the survival of Christian civilisation."

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