Eric Stacey: "UNTHINKABLE : An Airline Captain's Story", (22 April 2014)


Long-established film-maker Eric Stacey's new film, Unthinkable : An Airline Captain's Story, is a highly thought-provoking and disturbing dramatisation of the events leading up to, and following, the deaths of retired airline captain and 9/11 researcher Philip Marshall and his two teenage children in February 2013. Following the County Sherrif's conclusion that Marshall had murdered his children (and family dog) and then killed himself in a tragic "murder-suicide", journalist Wayne Madsen's investigation into the case led him to conclude that they had been the victims of professional killers.

In the movie - a dramatisation based in part on Madsen's research - an investigative journalist explores and challenges the official conclusion of "murder-suicide", suspecting that the real reason for the tragic deaths was the imminent publication of Marshall Philips' new book which was to contain damning evidence against the perpetrators of the 9/11 crime.

In the words of Eric Stacey: "We have done our best to remain faithful to what is known from both sides and have left the story open-ended in hopes that audiences will draw their own conclusions as to who pulled the trigger and what the Marshall "murder-suicide" represents in our Post 9/11 world."


UNTHINKABLE : An Airline Captain's Story (Trailer)


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