Michael Krieger: "Meet AISight – The Artificial Intelligence Software Being Installed on CCTV Networks Globally", (24 April 2014)


Living here in the UK (as I do), I am reminded by Michael Krieger that I am likely to be recorded by CCTV cameras about 300 times every day (on average). Quite believable; they seem to have been erected all over the place in recent years - parks - road corners - walls - all, no doubt, in the fight against crime and terrorism in this obscure Lancastrian backwater.

But Michael Krieger further informs me that these street-light-imitating all-seeing eyes will one day (and sooner that I might have thought) be hooked up to an advanced behavioural recognition system called AISight (pronounced "eyesight") thanks to the prosaically-named Behavioral Recogntion Systems, Inc. (BRSLabs) based in Texas.

Sporting the comforting, and thoroughly 21st-Century, motto "New World. New Security", BRSLabs has developed a technology that uses "artifical neural networks" to allow monitoring systems to learn and "build up a profile of what can be considered "normal" behavior." (It doesn't matter that the cameras are old, they can be hooked up in a matter of days anyway.)

(I'm tempted to bring up the spectre of Pre-Crime, but I guess that might just be paranoia on my part.... but wait! According to BRS' chief science officer "we can recognise a precursor pattern that could be associated with a crime before it happens.")

Oh well, at least it will keep us "safe"... safe from anything that's not "normal", that is. And you never know, maybe in time it will train us all to become even more "normal" too (?) As Krieger puts it: "Have fun serfs."


BRSLabs' AISight - The World's Only Behavioral Recognition System for Video Surveillance



Image source: "CCTV: High Street, Bedford IMG_3572" by fotdmike on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); cropped

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