TMR zu "Second Report - Covid-Status Certification", UK Government Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (12 June 2021)

Good news (at least for the moment.) The UK House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has recently published its report on the question of "Covid-status certification" and finds little positive reason for the UK government to pursue COVID-19 vaccination/test certificates. The cross-party committee, which is appointed by the House of Commons and which comprises representatives of the Conservative, Labour and SNP parties, is very critical of the government's handling of the matter in their report, and it's worth reading at least the summary to get a sense of their concerns.

As to whether this will lead to the government tempering its enthusiasm for such schemes, I'm not sure. I'm certainly not as sure as Big Brother Watch head Silkie Carlo, who wrote in a tweet that the government can't go ahead after this: "Impossible for Gov to proceed on back of this." Yet even the report itself speaks in terms that suggest the government might ignore their recommendations:

"If, contrary to our recommendation, the Government review concludes that it should move forward with proposals for any form of Covid-status certification system within the UK, it is imperative that this is only done through primary legislation." (emphasis added)

Still, it's a good sign. It at least shows that there isn't much enthusiasm for the idea among MPs generally. But, if the government pushes ahead and ignores these recommendations as if they don't exist, there is one thing it will do: it will serve to demonstrate that the government is prepared to act in a sprit of contempt for parliamentary democracy in this country.

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