TMR zn John Campbell, "New Evidence—"Inadvertent Intravenous Administration" ", Dr John Campbell YouTube channel (30 June 2021)

I'm not a total fan of Dr Campbell—for reasons that I won't go into here—but he does come up with some real gems. Here's another. He's unearthed a paper—not yet peer reviewed, as he says (but how much that means these days is anyone's guess)—which hypothesises that "inadvertent intravenous administration" of certain COVID-19 vaccines might be leading to "thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS)" in some patients.

And you can really feel his frustration as he shares a rather dismissive letter he received on the matter from UK "Vaccines Minister" Nadhim Zahawi that says there's "no evidence" of such harm and that there are "no large blood vessels" in the area of injection. But, as John Campbell points out, of course there's "no evidence" if you aren't looking for it, and Gray's Anatomy specifically contradicts Mr Zahawi on the blood vessel point.

Dr Campbell's suggestion? Why not practise "injection aspiration" (pulling back a little on the syringe to see if blood is drawn)? That way the nurse (or whoever is giving the injection) would know if they've accidentally hit a vein and could abort the injection.

But, as he says...

"Now what's going to happen now is: Dr Fauci is going to ignore this, Chris Whitty is going to ignore this, Patrick Vallance is going to ignore this, and nothing's going to change."—John Campbell


The paper he cites: "Thrombocytopenia and splenic platelet directed immune responses after intravenous ChAdOx1 nCov-19 administration" (

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