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F. William Engdahl: "Syria gas attack story has whiff of Saudi war propaganda", RT, 21 August 2013.


According to Al Arabiya, a majority-owned Saudi newspaper, "[a]t least 1,300 people have been killed in a nerve gas attack on Syria’s Ghouta region" for which the government of President Bashar al Assad was likely responsible. F. William Engdahl analyses the report and finds it distinctly fishy; "several things jump out as suspicious" he says.
[From the Wikipedia entry on the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: "The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is an information office opposed to the Government of Syria... [which]... has been cited by virtually every western news outlet since the beginning of the uprising. [It] is run out of a two-bedroom terraced home in Coventry, UK, by one person, Rami Abdulrahman... , a Syrian Sunni Muslim who also runs a clothes shop. After three spells in prison in Syria, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a longer, fourth jail term.
SOHR has been accused of selective reporting, covering only violent acts of the government forces against the opposition for the first two years of its existence. Although critics concede that its newsgathering has become less partial, the perception is it "continues to defend Islamic extremists to avoid losing support among rebel forces".] (Accessed 22 August 2013)
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