TMR f WWD Liverpool 22 January 2022

Just a few photos from the Liverpool WWD day on Saturday (World-Wide Demonstration over COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates). It was my first march and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of people turned up. No issues. Lots of public support—waving, cheering, car horns blasting rhythms in approval (although there were some negative remarks, I was told, from a few onlookers). Very well organised. Police professionally ushering us through the streets (in masks, outside, poor things). NHS workers well represented.

And to top it all, Boris There-Was-No-Party Johnson turned up to cheer us on our way!

 Great turn-out in the gardens of St George's Hall

WWD Liverpool 01

Boris Johnson cheers us on!

WWD Liverpool 03

A song or two at the top of Bold Street

WWD Liverpool 02


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