TMR f "Tesco Nothing Stopping Us", Tesco YouTube channel (13 November 2021)

In Tesco's latest Christmas advert—which, amazingly, shows no comments (as I write this) even though the comment section doesn't seem to be disabled—we see Father Christmas being allowed into the UK by virtue of a COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate (an app). I have written to Tesco to ask if this indicates that they approve of COVID-19 vaccination status certification. I also mentioned that I find the very concept of such certification to be discriminatory, illiberal and that it should have no place in an open society. If Tesco goes ahead and runs this Christmas advertisement, I shall no longer shop there.

Please join me in contacting Tesco to ask them what they mean by this.

Maybe, if enough of us register disapproval, they might be inclined to change their approach; there's nothing like "the bottom line" to make people rethink.

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