TMR zf "I-MASS Distribution Protocol for COVID-19", FLCCC Weekly Update YouTube channel (02 June 2021)

Dr Paul Marik, who was a guest on TMR back in December, expresses concern about the COVID-19 vaccines in this conversation. His remarks begin around the 42:30 mark in the video, and I have provided a transcript below.

Update: In this video ( Dr Marik comes down in favour of still having a COVID vaccine, although he does say that if he was 24 again he wouldn't take one.

(Please note that I have removed all the "ums and ahs" and many redundant words. I have also added emphases in bold type.)



"I see a lot of questions popping up about why I got vaccinated. That's a really interesting question. This was, like, three months ago.

Full disclosue - if I had to be vaccinated again I would think twice about it, because I think at that time we really didn't... we still don't know how this vaccine works. We don't know. And I think with time it's become clearer that it's not as safe as it's supposed to be.

The reason I took ivermectin as well is that it [the vaccine] obviously doesn't provide a hundred percent protection, and I took the ivermectin between my first and second doses.

You know, the question of vaccination, I think, is a very difficult one, because to be honest we don't have all the data.

You know, we're making a lot of assumptions. These vaccines are not FDA approved. These are not FDA approved; they all have an emergency authorisation. Because they're not FDA approved, we do not understand the full complications/efficacy of these drugs.

So, you know, it's a difficult decision.

Certainly it does cause neutralizing antibodies, and it does protect you.

But you're also giving patients spike protein, and recent data shows that spike protein can be isolated in the bloodstream after

Now it's unfortunate that Pfizer and Moderna do have this data [but] they will not share it with doctors.

So, we do not really understand once you're vaccinated where the mRNA goes, how long it's around, what it does. Which is part of the problem... is that there needs to be transparency.

If doctors don't understand how this damned vaccine works, how can you counsel patients?

So, I think they're doing a big disservice by not being forthright and providing clinicians with the information we need.

I mean, experts in virology do not know how these vaccines work.

We have to kind of piece it together ourselves.

They have this data; they just don't want to share it."

(*Dr Marik's words start around the 00:42:35 mark on the video.)


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