TMR q"Supercomputer Breakthrough For Treating Covid-19?", Dr. Chris Martenson YouTube Channel (04 September)

Well that's the headline, but Chris Martenson's subtitle for the video is, "Or why Vit-D and Ivermectin Work!", and that's what particularly interests me. If this "bradykinin storm" (which the new study postulates may be key to understanding inflammatory aspects of CoViD-19) is as important (or possibly even more important?) than the much-discussed "cytokine storm", this might help to explain—as Chris Martenson highlights—why Vitamin D and Ivermectin seem so successful in treating the disease.

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever, so please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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