TMR f"Heated Vaccine Debate—Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz", Valuetainment YouTube channel (23 July 2020)

I expect that many of you will have seen this debate already, but if you haven't I recommend it highly. Lawyer and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr (of Children's Health Defense) and well-known US constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz battle it out over the question of mandatory vaccinations in the Covid-19 world. The debate is respectful, good-natured, frequently passionate, but above all full of startling information.

(I note that, according to the Ministry of Truth over at Wikipedia [as accessed 11 Aug 2020], Robert F. Kennedy is referred to as "a prominent anti-vaccine activist". Well, given that the term "anti-vax" (again according to Wikipedia) seems so broad as to include everyone besides those who are convinced that all vaccines are safe—"The term encompasses outright refusal to vaccinate, delaying vaccines, accepting vaccines but remaining uncertain about their use, or using certain vaccines but not others" [as accessed 11 Aug 2020, with emphasis added]—its use with reference to Robert Kennedy strikes me as pointless—unless, of course, the point is to damage his reputation.)

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