TMR b"America's Frontline Doctors' Summit", TPPatriots YouTube channel (27 July 2020)

This conference—organised by Dr. Simone Gold who we spoke to recently—is currently live as I add this item. Whether or not the video will remain on YouTube for long after the live feed has ended I don't know, so I recommend you catch the video while it lasts.


Update 23 August 2020:

As you can see, YouTube has removed the video. My natural inclination is to delete this page, given that it no longer serves its original purpose, but instead I'll let it serve another purpose: to remain here as a testimony to YouTube's policy of censorship.

(Please only click on this video if you are happy for YouTube to place cookies on your computer.)



Update: Here's the much briefer—and at times impassioned—press conference prior to the meeting. As the video has been repeatedly censored by YouTube, I suggest viewing it via BitChute instead:

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