TMR f "NAC N-Acetylcysteine", Drbeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel (15 May 2020)

I'm going to have to stop sharing these videos from Dr. Been, but this one just has to get flagged up here. This, in my view, is a particularly interesting and useful explanation of how the substance N-acetylcysteine might help in the fight against Covid-19. Again, I had not heard of this until recently, but many sources are claiming that this could be helpful on several fronts. And to cap it all, it's cheap, requires no prescription (at least here in the UK) and is widely available.

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever, so please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

(Please only play this video if you are happy for YouTube to place cookies on your computer.)



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