TMR r "HD She slips up "we didn't infect enough population" ", via YouTube (29 April 2020)

There are times when you think, "Why bother?" This is truly disheartening. It's not just that this BBC interview clip has been posted to YouTube by someone as supposed evidence of a conspiracy to infect people in the UK with SARS-CoV-2 when it is clearly nothing of the sort, but that so many people have been taken in by it (judging by the comments). As I type this, it has over 1 million views, as does the original low-quality posting the day before. Forgive my sarcasm, but perhaps if I started lazily capturing people's on-air mistakes and posted them to YouTube with click-bait remarks like: "She just slipped the s*** out her mouth, people can clearly hear what she said...", TMR's videos would go viral too. Don't' worry, I won't. But it sickens me.

As for what the lady said in the interview—and to ignore completely the rather stupid attempt to paint anyone who disagrees with the video as a shill ("so many will try justify what she said like they was sat next to her !")—I really don't need to have sat next to her to have worked out in a few seconds what she meant. She was talking about herd immunity in the context of answering a point about lifting the lockdown. I agree that it was an unfortunate way of putting it: "...we haven't infected enough of the population with this virus...", but we all misspeak from time to time, don't we? Who among us would never misspeak under the stressful conditions of a live BBC interview? (The YouTuber didn't even get their grammar right in the calm of a spare bedroom.) What she meant was: "...we haven't got to a point where enough people have become infected to achieve herd immunity." That's clear—absolutely clear.

As I say, that so many people think this video has some merit—that it's revealing some dark secret—is really quite depressing to me.

As Tom Secker once said:

"The Truth Movement is dead. Long live the truth movement."

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