Craig Murray, " "Boshirov" is probably not “Chepiga". But he is also not “Boshirov". ", (27 September 2018)

Well, this is quite a find! In the update to his piece (see the bottom of the linked article) Craig Murray spots a nice little propaganda trick by the (always-above-board-and-eminently-trustworthy) BBC. He says—and this is on his word alone, since I haven't seen the news report myself—that the BBC news item, while discussing the identity of "Boshirov", showed only the two pictures of "Boshirov" while failing to show the picture of "Chepiga"! As he says, "incredibly..."



Here's what they should have shown.


No doubt most of you will already be following Craig Murray's blog on the two supposed "GRU agents", so there's probably no need for me to link to specific articles here.


But, if you haven't, I recommend you do. Type "Boshirov" or something else related to the case in the search box at and you'll get a blog list of all the relevant articles.


While I don't necessarily agree with everything Murray says, I generally admire his analyses very much, and especially his tenacity in sticking to his personal judgements in spite of much opposition.


(Of late, I have very much appreciated Craig's rebuttals of material presented by Eliot Higgins et al at the Bellingcat website, which seems increasingly to be appealed to by the mainstream media as a trustworthy source. How trustworthy it is I leave to your judgement, but note that while it gives the impression of being a home for citizen journalism (an impression reinforced by its Wikipedia entry), its founder Eliot Higgins is also Atlantic Council Nonresident Senior Fellow, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Future Europe Initiative. [Update 2019: Higgins no longer has this fellowship.] While it's possible that that fact might not speak against the impartiality of Bellingcat, I for one remain suspicious, as does Craig Murray who goes so far to say that Bellingcat has "a track record of shilling for the security services." Again, I leave it for you to decide.)   

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