HassanDiabNews48"Meet 11 year old victim of "Assad's chemical weapons" ", Syriana Analysis YouTube channel (19 April 2018)

This, so it seems, is a report from a Russian TV station, so I guess that discredits it in the eyes of many straight away. It is also mirrored on a YouTube channel that openly supports Assad, so again nothing to see here. Or is there? At the risk of being incorrectly labelled as "pro-Syrian government", I simply share this for you to decide for yourself.
Is this the same child as in the famous video? (It looks like him to me.) Does he look like he's been coerced into giving a false account of what happened? (Personally I don't think so, but I suppose that's possible. However, he looks more confused than frightened to me.) Does his account fit with what the journalist Robert Fisk recently reported from Douma. (It seems consistent to me.)
None of this means that I'm saying this is proof of anything. Maybe Russian TV has pulled some impressive feat of propaganda here. But maybe not. Maybe this is actually worth watching and pondering.


Image captured from the video

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