Larry Hurtado, "Why the 'Mythical Jesus' Claim Has No Traction with Scholars", Larry Hurtado's Blog (02 December 2017)

This is a good article by Dr. Larry Hurtado, Emeritus Professor in New Testament Language, Literature & Theology in the University of Edinburgh, in which he assesses three major claims made by arch Jesus mythicist Richard Carrier, and finds each distinctly wanting.
"The “mythical Jesus” view doesn’t have any traction among the overwhelming number of scholars working in these fields, whether they be declared Christians, Jewish, atheists, or undeclared as to their personal stance.  Advocates of the “mythical Jesus” may dismiss this statement, but it ought to count for something if, after some 250 years of critical investigation of the historical figure of Jesus and of Christian Origins, and the due consideration of “mythical Jesus” claims over the last century or more, this spectrum of scholars have judged them unpersuasive (to put it mildly)."—Hurtado


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