"WTC 7 Evaluation Presentation by Dr. Leroy Hulsey", University of Alaska Fairbanks (06 September 2017)

No doubt many of you will already be familiar with this presentation; it's been available for a couple of weeks by now. But I thought it important enough to highlight anyway, because in this talk Dr. Leroy Hulsey (Chair of UAF's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department) presents the findings of his research group that World Trade Center Building 7 did not come down as a consequence of office fires, contrary to the findings of NIST (the US National Institute of Standards and Technology). That is a significant finding.

(It also echoes many of the observations made by the engineer Tony Szamboti who was interviewed on TMR a while back.) I urge everyone to watch Dr. Hulsey's presentation.
WTC 7 Evaluation Presentation by Dr. Leroy Hulsey

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