Ida Auken, "Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better", World Economic Forum (11 November 2016)

Just in case there's someone who happens to be visiting The Mind Renewed for the first time who is under the impression that all talk of Technocracy in the modern world is just so much "conspiracy theory", here's an article by the Danish politician Ida Auken that was published last November by the World Economic Forum as part of their "Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils".

She does provide a disclaimer though. Ida Auken—who once served as Minister for the Environment in Denmark, no less—does say at the end of the piece that it's not her utopian dream; it's just a scenario for discussion. But what I would ask is: "Why, then, is your tone so overwhelmingly positive? And why two beautiful photos? Why not one with fresh flowers on a bicycle, and one with the flowers—and the bicycle—crushed under a boot, forever?"

Granted, she does wonder if all her personal information, now held by the corporate state in its vast databases, might some day be used against her, but she gives that thought only one paragraph. I'll also grant that she laments those who have chosen to build their lives outside of the "her city" ("our city"), but I notice she doesn't pause to ask the question: "Might they actually be happier in their 'empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages'?".

To my mind, if she didn't think this was something essentially desirable, she would have given the piece a much more Orwellian flavour. So I suspect she likes it. I think it is her dream. But to me, this is a nightmare posing as a dream.

Image captured from "Die Endphase der Technokratie" copyright © Martin Erdmann and Patrick Wood; used with permission.

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