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Said- alternative news often takes heart lie-making mainstream press is in decline. That the grip of Govt. based operatives embedded within will lose influence and, up comes… all our socio-political enlightenment. On clicks info-warriors. Problem with this thesis, is the notion alt. media is on the up.


My reading is its tanked. Inbuilt redundancy through lack of openness and encouragement to engage likewise. Like the Trump 20/1 street-fighting, more about producer’s cathartic outburst and dealing with the experience, than meaningful protest and rise-up. Or – and here’s the key; is about gathering and empowering self-expression, with millions doing DIY media.


And not more spectate-itus.


Plus, servants of an elite, want e.g. Trump to be the issue -or- hope, and not their behind scenes manipulation. The alternative are… alternatives to this, in their own seemingly outspoken sphere. If y’get my gist? (IF... any.. one’s, even reading this/that is).


Alt. type and talk is understandably aghast that the word is out and ubiquitous but few-v.few care. Much geeky curiosity but come to the front and fall on knees repentance and transform for action is rare. And when does happen, is most-often knackered out, eventually tiring off meaningful public-shaking response. A self-defeating circle, unable to find supportive-enough platforms for participation. Or a boring in-fight bitch-fest.


Personally, hold hope in God. In this, out of sufficiently felt decline and downturn, enough active ones will arise and take back the ground the hidden elite are over-ruling toward ritualistic destruction. Hence type this/here/now with increasing and “so-what” attitude… And, Tis Because: I Do.


It’s so churchy, alt. media. Or competing church/s, more like.


Garbled short-post but said (to myself) would/must/will. Weekly at least. Supposed to be proper write-like. Not this kind of jumble-out-burst for some misguided self-satisfaction.


All abstract and scatter thoughts. But it’s something. Is that.


But isn’t it something The Mirror and all its like monsters are falling?


Bit like ‘Building 7’, one example story – all but too tightly hidden to increase alarm – censored out from mature investigations. One that would likely overturn the basis for the underlying deception among the miss-educated-educated class. Instead, demolition-controlled, through apathy and thresholds met and 'news' no longer so much mattering.


On this, arguably the most conspicuously important word about media in recent times, was from a courageous and outstanding hero, who died last week – Dr Udo Ulfkotte.


Udo OR The Mirror. And Udo, is the mirror.


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