ATJCOn the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11, we welcome (back) to the programme teacher, blogger and free thinker Antony Rotunno, who joins us for an informal, unstructured and fairly wide-ranging conversation on the subject of "Changing the Discourse".

What is the so-called Truth Movement about? Is it mainly about practising and encouraging others to exercise "critical thinking"? Or is it essentially about removing psychological barriers to thought in certain areas? Is it about changing the way we and others see the world? If so... from what, to what? Many speak of wanting people to "wake up". But is "sleep" really the best metaphor to describe the problem? And is it helpful to speak of "a" Truth Movement anyway? These, and many more issues find their way into the conversation, as I misuse the word "anthropology" and win my very first bet on a podcast.

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